Barcelona, even until the name is cool, Youri Tielemans

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FC Barcelona know it’s broken. Debt overwhelmed but hopes to use his world power to persuade Leicester City midfielder Youri Tielemans to agree to join the army if negotiations to extend the contract do not progress.

A report from ‘ Raimundo Deportivo Bo ‘ said midfielder degree of the Belgian national team and won the FA Cup the obligation residents in King, Perry Ea Beaver Stadium ‘s field . A . In 2023 , but is now also incompetent. Progress has been made on a new contract. With speculations suggesting the ufabet club could be sold for € 54.5 million ( around £ 46m ) next summer.  

The teams that showed interest in Tielemans were riches such as Real Madrid. And Manchester United, who had a good vitreous.

However, Barcelona want to make an offer because they believe in the team’s reputation as cool enough to attract a lot of talented players to fall head over heels in the end. The project at Camp Nou will likely appeal to the 24- year-old looking for a new challenge.  

“ There is no progress in my contract. Probably open to every possibility. The buy – sell market is close and it’s true. But I want to find as many options as I can open to. ” Tielemans had been interview last month.  

The Belgian midfielder will help Leicester kick off Wednesday’s Europa League trip to Spartak Moscow and believes the club’s scouts will have to keep an eye on the performance at the Otkreti Arena.