FIFA insists that Singha will go to the world club in the UAE

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FIFA has confirmed that the club’s world championships Chelsea will also join in the tournament will take place in the United Arab Emirates in early 2022 after host Japan withdrew.

This year’s tournament features champions from different continents. At the club level with the host country’s champion team, the Blues have the right to play as the Champions League champions ufabet.

The date program for the new FIFA Club World Cup tournament has yet to be announce.

The tournament was originally host by Japan. But they withdrew last month due to the number of coronavirus cases. in the country is still at a high level.

South Africa, Qatar and the UAE were quick to offer themselves as new hosts, but South Africa had also announced two weeks ago that it had a serious COVID-19 pandemic and had to withdraw.

Qatar is also schedule to host the Arab Cup in the first half of December.