Juventus give Dybala time to call fit for a comeback

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Juventus still have to give Argentine striker Paulo Dybala time to get fit. While Dutch centre-back Matthijs de Ligt has been given a break. not seriously injured

Juventus have won four consecutive Serie A games. After beating Roma 1-0 on Sunday, coach Massimiliano Allegri hopes to get good news about the player’s recovery from injury. Because the next game will face Inter Dybala is originally expect to be fit to return to the team. After the October national team program. But can only rehearse alone. He is not name in the team against Roma last weekend in any way.

Sport Italia reports that Dybala still needs time to regain full fitness. After a muscle injury, the game against Zenit St Petersburg In the middle of this week and the game against Inter at the weekend. It’s probably too early to return to the field. Predicted that the Argentine striker May be ready to return to the field at the end of this month or the game against Sassuolo in the middle of next week.

As for Rai de Ligt, who missed the game against Roma on Sunday The muscle injury was not serious. Will definitely return the team in the game against Inter, while the game against Zenit has to wait for a fitness test. The French national team midfielder Adrien Rabiot. Infected with COVID-19 Still missing the game against Zenit, but should be able to return in the away game to Inter if no infection has been found.