Leicester City defeat Spartak Moscow 4-3

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Leicester City have won their first game in the Europa League this season. When they stormed to defeat Spartak Moscow in a fun 4-3 with Patson Daka bursting into a good form alone, 4 goals.

Spartak Moscow with 3 points from 2 games, this game has former Chelsea winger Victor Moses as the protagonist, with the front line being Alexander Sobolev

Leicester City, who had just one point to rest Jamie Vardy on the bench, used James Maddison behind the likes of Kelechi Iheanacho and Patson Daka.

The game started 11 min

The game started 11 minutes ago. Spartak Moscow took the lead 10 from the moment that Selimkan Bakayev passed the ball to Alexander Sobolev’s shot from the right in the penalty area. Casper Schmeichel’s hands

Minutes later, the Foxes almost recovered from a ball that James Maddison received the ball from Youri Tielemans and struck right from the front of the penalty area, but Alexander Maksimenko narrowly rounded off the back.

In 44th minute

Then Leicester had possession of the ball. But it still doesn’t penetrate the last area very well. Until the 44th minute, Spartak Moscow escaped 2-0 when Victor Moses passed the ball to Jordan Larsson to shoot with the left side of the net.

But just a minute later, Leicester returned to hope when Kelechi Iheanacho passed through for Patson Daka to fire right into the goal in the first half, with Spartak Moscow leading. Phakhon Fox is 2-1

In the second half, in the 48th minute, Leicester equalized 2-2 from the moment when Iheanacho blocked the ball that flowed into the box and flipped into the left penalty area before passing into the middle for Patson Daka to fire the net.

Not only that, in the 54th minute, the visiting team turned over to take a 3-2 lead when Yuri Tielemans passed through to let Daka slip into a single shot into the net. And it’s his own hat-trick in this game.

Leicester played even more aggressively

Leicester played even more aggressively in the 78th minute, retreating 4-2 from the moment James Maddison passed through to allow the old Daka to fire from the left in the box into the goal.

But the host did not give up on chasing 3-4 in the 86th minute from the ball that Victor Moses penetrated into the penalty area on the right to pay into the middle for Zobolev fell down and dunked into the door.

rest period Even the locals tried to invade and reclaim But he could only do so. Finished the game, Leicester defeated Spartak Moscow 4-3, allowing the Foxes to collect the first 3 points from three matches, while Spartak had the same 3 points.