Simeone still gives Llorente,Chimenez and Cunha

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Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone has revealed. He still gives Marcos Llorente, Jose Maria Chimenez and Matheus Cunha a chance to get fit. Body to be ready to duel Liverpool this Tuesday

Atletico will open their home against Liverpool in the Champions League Group B game on Tuesday night. In the past two games, Rojéblancos collected a total of 4 points, two points behind the Reds.

Prior to the match, there were concerns about the physical conditions of Llorente, Chimenez and Cunha as the trio are recovering from injuries and do not know whether they will be fit and ready to help the ufabet team.

Still, El Cholo reveals he has not ruled out all three and will wait to see the final training session before considering again.

“We have another training session to see how it goes. and hope that every People will be able to play at all.”

Simeone also spoke of a duel against Liverpool, stressing that he will try to find a way to tackle England’s top team. Even if it’s hard work

“Chelsea, City, Liverpool, they are going through a wonderful time. It was satisfying to see how they played. They have players that are quick to counter, having Van Dijk in the defence, they have developed a solid defense. We will try to find a way to attack them.”