Zidane to take Manchester United manager if Ole Gun is fired

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Former France 2006 World Cup runners-up Raymond Domeneck has back former teammate Zinedine Zidane to kick the dust off to take on the job of Manchester United manager if Ole Gun is fired. Nar Solskjaer and the club actually contacted me because they were worthy of prestige in every aspect, including greatness, ambition and vitreous.

Seoul tea but the bad form team lost four of seven games back then months . C . On May . A . Not queue race hard until it flows that if the swipe is not possible to break the national team last month . A. Then approached the sedan former trainer Real Madrid to prison instead.


This position in the eyes of Domainek is considered one of the greatest teams in the world. And will be able to compete with the best in the English Premier League, dueling smarts more intensely

” Left position is suitable for a championship when he was Bush years . Then several days at Real Madrid ,” the show through ‘ Les Skippers TV .

“ Where else is there left to bring a pen to Manchester City , Manchester United , Juventus , Paris Saint – Germain , Bayern Munich ? There are five to six such clubs left. But if he chooses a team outside that dart It is a step back in the career of Zidane , who has reached a high level. ” 

“ If there’s a call coming in from United, it’s an opportunity you shouldn’t let go. He’ll have a player like Ronaldo who ‘s tuned in so he just switched the league from Spain to England. ”

“ He will also remove the accusation that success is only with Real Madrid because he knows the players well. You will be able to prove your ability as a trainer. ”

“ That’s the reason why I’m going to tell him : Go ahead – or stay in the comfort zone. But I don’t think that’s what Zidane wants. ” 

The location of Seoul tea also stable because Ed Woodward, senior management support. Influential guru Gary Neville thinks the new boss should be more or less connected to the ‘ Red Devils ‘ .